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Genni and Popcorn


animoto 360p from Christina Major on Vimeo.

These lovely Guinea pigs were sooo adorable, I couldn’t pass up a shoot with them. They were quick little buggers though. Every time I would get down on the ground to shoot, they’d already be running away.

Family Shoot


This was a family shoot inside their home. I’m surprised how good they came out with only one Monolight set on Model light, since the flash on it wouldn’t sync right.



This here is my buddy Oliver. He is a mischievous six-month old or so kitten. In all honesty, I was shocked he stayed still long enough for me, much less in a basket barely big enough for him.

Baby Shoot


This here is Kalista. She was quite the handful, but I really enjoyed the shoot. Had to bribe her with toys, cell phones, and peek-a-boo to get the better shots.

Downtown Child Shoot


I really enjoyed this shoot. This boy really helped me out a lot. He did most of the posing himself and had some neat ideas of his own to add to the shoot. His red hair was goregous in the golden hour light.

Child Shoot


Shot this for the Child Assignment in my Professional Portraiture II Class. I really love how this came out. Good grief, I swear you practically gotta shoot and go with these kids at such a young age. I got really lucky with this one.